Pisces Weekly Horoscope

From June 27 to July 3

Work: One is not frightened nor actsvery impulsively, use your brain to frighten the badnesses in your world of work. It is not become frightened either, must defend his place in the world. It is not that the Universe will be taken revenge, nor to you will fall a curse, she is only physical, the Law of Cause and Effect, natural, logical and comprehensibly correct… If about your it impels it ego to make a question of everything to be right, has reasons to bother yourselves and to worry, since you are not able to resist the great truth of which you are not perfect, infallible, immortal or unquestionable. Very beneficial day to strengthen bonds and to fortify already done. Take advantage of this day to sign agreements, to arrive at beneficial adjustments, think about coexisting or marrying. If it puts his action in the present, its intention in the future and bes not worried of the final result, the result will be optimal.

Love: During the first days of this week account will occur of which a friendship is becoming something more, lets enter love your life, does not repress nor mixes the things. Clearing its doubts and allow to yourself to be happy. Although in couples of long time some short circuits will be generated in the beginning, this week promises great pleasures to share with the relationship. In his hands you will be the task of restoring the balance or your home. Of the same form in which you can choose success or the failure or your aspirations and dreams, the married unions will see beneficiaries according to your options of these days…

Health: A consultation to a psychologist will not come anything badly Can clarify some points to you to you come bothering for a long time. He would not either be unfortunate to talk about this with your partner. Often the glance from outside is very necessary. A consultation to the doctor cannot wait, do not ignore the reclamations of your partner concerning company. Its work can be too absorbent and to be UD Neglecting the family relationship and the health. If a rest to recover can take, probably he is only stress but remember that this desarmonía can cause the evils to you majors. Take care of yourself of better his physical and mental health.

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