Pisces Weekly Horoscope

From November 23 to November 29

Work: The opportunity of being creative in constructive way must offer, to be happy and successful, thus managing to realize the greater strategic movement of its life: to take the reins from her. It avoids sterile discussions. With the labor obligations You will be a little sluggish and distracted. You deal with not moving away of his work or neglecting serious matters. The students will have possibility of being brilliant. In order to find his way in life, to solve problems, to find the power, this will and the energy necessary to face each difficulty… it is essential that he recognizes his true destiny, the one that dreams up from the truth inner of its natural desires. The way of the abundance does not have to be forced but natural.

Love: In its affective relations you will have to handle in positive way its energy and to raise mainly respectful precise dialogs but by obtaining good results during this time. Project to do a common job with your partner, thus will fortify the binding. A business travel can take advantage to take a walk and to enjoy. It shows to tolerance and love, leaving to happen what could have happened in the past. Perhaps it wants to incorporate some changes in its personal life, mostly in the communications with the others, for this the day he is very propitious and they accompany it to the planets with all their astral energy. The development of the soul is in its hands and their will and bravery to live in love and indifference… so that the accomplishment of its dreams and desires arrives from natural way.

Health: It will come to him very well to begin a moderate physical activity. Besides making feel well it, the physical activity has become a necessity for its health. These native ones will be more communicative. It also takes care of his feeding, you deal with not unbalancing itself or it will become ill. To stay in calm is very necessary. Luck in the game, looks for a distant friend to share this moment, although it is calling it by telephone. It waits for it to a surprise. It will be necessary to take care of itself with the meals. It tries to stay in calm, possible accidents can be due to distraction or nervousness. Raking with greater calm it will be able to find in origin of his emotional malaise in situations of the past not clarified. It can be in the familiar scope or the work. It tries to clarify the things without arriving at new discussions, to be able to follow ahead with greater spiritual peace.

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