Pisces Weekly Horoscope

From February 19 to February 25

Work: It finds in your life a new reason to increase his working life. Try with some creative work. When it has a negative and pessimistic attitude, it by yourself transmits to the Universe a disinterestedness message, of lack of desires of being wanted and being loved. The disinterestedness to receive love is a true major obstacle in the attainment of your desires and dreams, although your dreams majors are of money and wealth will make lack love to obtain it… Declare with impetus and power: “Desire true clear objective, desires and a positive life to enjoy being happy and for offering me to the others from my true one to be”.

Love: Content and protected by its partner will feel. That will offer the security him that as much needs. Do not neglect the calls or your heart. Nobody needs external validation. But as your self-esteem can have suffered lately you will have to show yourself and to show its value that you will leave it calmer. Major opportunity to realize trips of pleasing with fall in love with yourself. Warm that will find in your partner you will affect it. Benefit of the pandering and feel yourself contained to advance in your goals. Try to calm, approach great tensions in the world of work that can result in familiar problems. Singles they will jump of romance in romance but you can be that today they find something definitive.

Health: The mental health will be affected in this period, keep yourself in calm and comma or, this moment is temp, do not affect his health or everything will get worse. Only if you consider yourself give to yourself some of your carried-out dreams you will make them a reality. You will have to look for concord and good relationship with everybody, since although he is a moment propitious for the relations, sexual libertinism will become in a difficult romp that will undertake romance. If it is let drag, and in the long run will suffer by the loss. These natives must remember that ends never benefit to anybody. Not to feel defeated by the routine, you will have to avoid of falling into depression.

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