Pisces Weekly Horoscope

From February 24 to March 1

Work: Much luck is approached, as much in love as in the labor plane. Superb opportunities touch to your door, if maintain his character in rule can be useful and progress maintaining his standard of living. It has the value of giving yourselves to the light and of not looking for excuse in his niche of comfortable failure and immobility. Each is responsible for the way in which choose to journey the indicated way. The change must come from inside. If you are been relaxing accumulating problems that generate more conflicts, lamenting yourselves of your luck each other´s or programming movements, social mandates that they do not have to do with your Inner being, you will not be able to see the miracles that the Universe presents/displays to you, and these are true opportunities that happen of length while your worldly distractions do not let see the sun to you…

Love: The Moon in this week will give a touching and tender touch him to life of these native ones. These days are propitious to cheer up to take to the reality and the knowledge of all a secret love of long time… Its subconscious mind knows, is stimulated and it appears before You in the form of intuitions, that can choose to follow or no. In the case of singles might move away of friends whom you had during your entire life, this must to the negative action of the Moon that as today. Possible reconciliation although the day announces with sadnesses.

Health: Try to go for a long walk with friends, to do some sport with children, going sometime outdoors and some exercise, although he is weekly will fortify at all level, having increased his defenses, mental clarity, creativity and sexual activity. Take into account this recommendation that will improve all days. Honest questions to recover the way of the soul and to return to the Present Earth, to explore in our intimate boy, and the possibility of obtaining an own happy future, not rendered nor invented until reaching of the brings back to consciousness true order of our pretensions in life. Ask to yourself today: Is the fear the one that stop the life to me?

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