Pisces Monthly Horoscope

February 2023

You have to get the better of you, and that means forgetting with whom you usually hide from the harsh world. Need a specific plan, very concrete actions and a clear vision. There is no one like you to project through the roads of the impossible. This month is going to be necessary to be able to look forward, and you look from the other side, the task accomplished, the acts committed. Do not miss on dreams that will only waste your time. It is time to act on the right foot. This second month of the year is necessary that whoever covers the roads on earth, not to digress from cloud to cloud. The task entrusted to you is to be a leader and architect of change you want. Something that is not easy, of course, but anyone can achieve if you insist on it. And you have the sun in your sky throughout February, and it puts you as the undisputed star of your own life. It's time to make that change you want to happen, but unlike what happens in your dreams, you’re the one who should do it. It's time to stop putting the responsibility you know yours alone, to create the conditions to make your life what you want it to others. Do not follow or cross with his head in the clouds arms: it is the worst you can get. Get away from Venus Jupiter transit that makes the veil that covers the look fall, and allows you to see clearly what is needed. More head, less heart more acts and less dreams. It's time to make it so.

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