Pisces Monthly Horoscope

January 2022

This first month of the year for you embodies the time of big questions. Those that fear or apathy you've gone silent. It's time to know the purpose of what has been happening, and fill the gaps that have you been leaving. Need a map, a clear objective to which to direct you. It's time to stop living under this idea of insecurity, every day. You have to look beyond yourself if you aspire to a future and a role in the order of things. It is not easy to answer the big questions, but we cannot pretend that these questions are resigned to go unanswered. Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Where should I direct my steps to find my ultimate destination: Those are the questions we are called to respond and we should not escape. The life is waiting for the courage to face them. Mercury moves retrograde transit to Mars and this for you, Pisces, mean it's time to shake off laziness, and put to work. You need to get out of this depressing time in which only you fulfill your obligations just fill vital needs. You're more than that. So we used all the resources at your disposal: meditate, find a guide beam therapy ... Or listen to the demands of your dreams. Is Jupiter high in your sky, who demands to take control in an effective way: we’re like yourself where you are, but where you wanted to be. There is more than one way and one way to undertake it: effort that requires you to know for certain that you have the tools to deal with it successfully.

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