Pisces Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

We must move forward in the only way possible for you, and that's in your growth, your independence. Accounts with a large influence to gain space in that sense, but there is an asset that you should use, and that cannot continue to waste: your experience. Jupiter stands highest in your sky this month. Your ruling planet comes to your reign consoles about yourself and your circumstances, since its presence power your best skills: creativity, commitment, ability to cooperate but Jupiter also demand you change your strategy: you need to leave yourself and claim your true worth. You have to finish the period in which you were left victimized by others, and you've been cornered the spaces in what you have been left to survive. It's time to reclaim what is rightfully yours, but this is necessary to prove what you're made of and that effort may be too much to ask for someone who is easily satisfied with mediocrity. Then up to you, Pisces, deciding whether you can go on, or if it is time to make a change that drives you to new borders and more so to do, to be a solid center for the one you love. What Jupiter demands you to raise your voice and take you notes? Leave behind the fear to please others that limit your ability to shine.

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