Pisces Monthly Horoscope

May 2022

You have to open your mind and heart to the advice of those who love you. You have to shut out the thoughts that generate resentment and envy. It's time to listen and respond. Not always have the best view of what complaint with us or know for sure that is what we need. Who loves us and knows our vices, values us with our shortcomings, and knows how to make the best of ourselves. Why did I not listen? You have to let pride bleed. Neptune has dominion in your sky, and that traffic moves you to the acceptance of the person you are, with your good and bad reasons. However, this acceptance is not limited to mere contemplation of yourself; you have to accept to change. Know your limits, your good works, your character's excesses and delusions. And what better way to acknowledge this information by listening to the person you love and loves you. Whether it's your partner, friends, a family member, do not let your pride separates you from something you know are true and vital that you accept to meditate on it. What do I need to learn about myself? What I have not dared to do? What path should I take: Here are the questions you should ask. We are nothing without the guidance of love. What is lost in the shadows of what we do not understand if we can have valuable guide who loves us and needs us? We have to get the best of you, and to that end you must know the material you're made of. And who can best advise in this regard? Listen to love.

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