Pisces Monthly Horoscope

October 2022

You are the dreamer and as in all cases, the stars compel us to go against that nature. The sense and reason must go into your house, and you begin to live in balance between vigilance and reason. One must know how to find the middle ground: that place where dreams become tangible things, achievable projects. Neptune does not make it easy, and you want to find the right balance between dreams and realities that you must undertake. It's time to get out of this reverie that has often been used as an excuse for not doing what you should. "He's a dreamer, a madman, an illuminated one" How many times have you been good to ignore these phrases that are demanded of you and it's fair for you to give. Do not go in that game: it's time to face life with open eyes. Neptune crosses your Sky this October and you want to go deep, into the roots of yourself to change what is your essence and your right: the dreamy mood that separates you from the world and the responsibilities that elusive. And is that the virtues are exaggerated vices not get sucked into these areas yourself where everything happens unalterably, where you play with marked cards of comfort.

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