Pisces Monthly Horoscope

June 2023

In the sixth month which will move into your world, will be thinking, the ability to project yourself to demand of yourself to make the jump to take you to the other side. And the ship on which they have to cross the waters of confusion will be none other than the mind. There are many ways to advance the plan of life, but in your case (dreamer par excellence) that path goes through, so that you feel to make a plan. Remember dreams without a map, just leave it at that: step by step. Venus opens the month opposite Saturn. No need to tell you what this move means: a paradigm shift in your life. We must stop being swept away by the heart, dominated by feelings, and impose brake logic and low-key, thoughtful decisions. By the 10th, the Sun wants concrete actions from you. Along with Saturn, the planet of wisdom and science, wants you to apply experience in the decisions that you have to take. Not enough to take a step if that step is merely the result of impulse. In the third week, Mercury moves toward Venus, and your actions and plans that must seriously contemplate the healing of your relationships, and take fully into account the relevant contacts for your professional life. There are keys for each door, and sometimes they are people.

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