Pisces Monthly Horoscope

April 2024

The fourth month of the year becomes important because it encourages creativity, to give to others the fruits of your intellectual capacity of your creative talents. Undoubtedly, this is the great capital of the natives of your sign, and this period is of particular relevance. The solution to your problems and your questions about what to do in the sentimental, are there in your imagination. It just takes that you walk to where you can usually change: in your everyday life. Neptune prominent in your sky; a planetary transit unleashes your creativity and becomes an essential part of your success in everyday life. Do not despise the power of your imagination. Imagination is an essential part of life. It is our ability to project future moments, beyond what happens in the now. It is the ability given to us to shape the world to suit our desires. The Sun moves away from Saturn transit makes you leave unrealizable dreams to devote to what matters on Earth. It is time to stop postponing duties and to take the bull by the horns. We must not let our dreamy part sit back. So imagine, but as we walk, doing a project, to invent on the solution of the urgent and necessary. Fear not of exposing your plans, and leave aside those duties which are pending. Have what it takes to make a success of your desires and dreams. You only need to make into (literally) reality your projects.

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