Pisces Monthly Horoscope

November 2020

You have to make peace with yourself. You have to learn to accept you know better. Nice to have requirements, but neither should carry to extremes, to the point of exceeding our capabilities. The mirror does not lie. And yet, what you can give yourself and others is so far is good, and necessary. Neptune, your Ruling Star, will be high on your Sky this penultimate month of the year, and it moves you to self-knowledge, learning about your true gifts and attributes. They have been difficult weeks. You have been put against challenges that you have not completed for whatever reason. And you have become fully responsible for these failures. A humble attitude, but is it really all your fault? It is important that when you set a goal have it clear to the point where we can reach our capacity. If we set goals that go beyond us, there is no way to get to them, as good and inspiring as they may seem. Each has an arsenal and a host of solutions in their hands, and you should use it, but in the right way. Defeat usually happens when we choose battles that are alien to us, is not resignation, but strategy: you have to accept what is obvious and necessary and use what is in your hands to fix. The rest, which is beyond your power, there is no point to address in your plans.

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