Pisces and Pisces

Finding a Pisces couple is not the best for a long term relationship, as the way of being and having doubts between them, makes the other feel even worse. Therefore, the compatibility between two Pisces is not the highest we can ding. Pisces is a sign that thinks a lot about things and even without being able to do anything, continuously thinking about it. This makes couples feel more or less burdened, but when the other party is a Pisces who cares the same or even more, the consequences can be a bit unbearable for them.

The best thing two people with this same sign if they want their relationship to work, is to establish a good foundation and figure when is the best time for talking about things and help each other to forget when it's not the right time to think about them. If both know how to listen to each other, they are very likely to be good together, they are very honest and faithful and like being with family. Among the achievements that can be expected from this relation is well-founded with a very strong family base. Their character of bonding between them is about forming stability to give the best values to their own. They will also get good results in economic terms, but they are quite conformist in the labor area.

Sex between them, will be best because they both know what they like and they will not hesitate to reward the other with it.

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