Pisces and Gemini

Pisces and Gemini are not the best signs to be together, because the compatibility between them is the lowest we may find. These two signs are so opposite, that they will find problems in everything they do and the differences between them are too big to easily save them. However, both are signs that when they love, they do will all their heart and if they want a relationship to work between them, they should put a lot of their part and have a lot of dialogue and patience, which is easy for Pisces and not for Gemini.

The Gemini are very outgoing people, who like to be with friends. They are very affectionate, but they have their moments and are not always willing to show it. They are very impulsive people and who like adventure. All the characteristics of Gemini are against the characteristics of Pisces, who is introverted, he thinks a lot about things and plans them and loves solitude. However, the willpower they both have will be key if they want to make their relationships work. If they do, they can expect many achievements, especially those related to the economy, family and work.

On the sexual plane, these signs are not going to enjoy the best and most pleasurable relations, but being undemanding people, they will be happy to be able to spend this intimate time alone with their partner. The most important in this relationship is dialogue.

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