Pisces and Cancer

Cancer and Pisces are not very different signs in the basics of relationships and both need a lot of affection constantly. However, there are some differences between them that will give a touch of class to their personalities and give them one of the highest compatibility of the zodiac. Both are signs of water, which makes both have the need to be close together.

They are lovers of peace and family and know to leave everything for the person they love. These signs do not need a great social life to be good and know how to enjoy each other's character. They are signs that do not need much more from out of your private nucleus. Being united, these signs can achieve a lot together, from having a large family with values, to a business run by both of them. The small differences between them make them explore opportunities from different points of view and this gives them a greater chance of success. In terms of friendship, however, these signs will not have much to do, as they are not signs that like to live with friends.

On the sexual plane, Pisces needs more sex than Cancer and, for him; sex is the way he has to express everything he feels without words. And, Cancer likes to feel wanted at all times, so this will make both enjoy sex.

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