Pisces and Aries

Aries and Pisces are signs of fire and air, respectively, which offers one of the highest compatibility at the beginning of the relationship, but it will be very stable as the relationship progresses in routine. If there is something that these two signs should do to maintain relationships over time is not to let the routine become established in their lives.

Both signs are very curious and they will not have many problems as they know each other. Moreover, they will be delighted with the differences between them and enjoy them in all aspects. But when months or years have gone by, the bond between them will wither, because the chemistry of the early days will be over and this is what will give way to the routine in their life. Pisces is a faithful person of one relationship, same with Aries, but Pisces will say the things he does not like, while Aries keeps from saying them to avoid problems and when he lets them out, it is to end the relationship.

Pisces is very introverted and lover of privacy and family, which is different than Aries, who loves family, but wants to do new activities constantly. In the sexual aspect, Aries will enjoy sex more than Pisces, because Pisces is more to the expectation of what will happen and will not enjoy the moments of intimacy between them.

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